Kongadesam: a history of rulers

Kongadesam : a  history  of rulers  தமிழில் படிக்க: A personal venture into Kongar  history  by  PonDheepankar K, M.A (D.U)  . To be published as a book in the future  in even more detail.Contact for doubts, suggestions, queries and information on Kongars at  or +91 9442353708 தமிழ்: Rulers and dynasties of the Konga region: Kongadesa Rajakkal book download: A. Prehistoric Itihasa-Puranic age: When I questioned my grand father and the people of his generation about the dolmens and the primeval inhabitants of our land, they would say: There was a race of short people called "Pandi"s (different from the Pandyas, this one meaning "Pandu" or the primitive ones) who were also referred to by the